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Hilgeland, Kiserling, Nutap
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Its New Machines

On May 8-11, the Wafios Group exhibited new machines at Wafios Umformtechnik's open air facilities in Wuppertal.

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Second-hand machinery overhauls by WAFIOS Umformtechnik

WAFIOS Group provides overhaul on the brands of its own such as WAFIOS Umformtechnik, EWMenn, Hilgeland, Nutap. MRP, Formatech, Kieserling in line with the demand of the customers bringing the 2nd hand machines used for many years to WAFIOS facilities to complete overhaul process and delivered back...

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Hilgeland 及 Kieserling公司的冷镦机,在生产航天航空工业上所使用的高强度合金紧固件上具有特大优势

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