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Automatic Pointer SKM Brand HILGELAND

The Automatic Pointer SKM is used for machining shaft ends, e.g. in accordance with DIN 78. Boreholes can also be made in the shaft end.

  • Multi-purpose machining of shaft end
  • Slots for clamping collars (option)
  • Option for production of headless parts with a camera for positional  feeding
  • Ease of use through stored memory adjustments (recallable data)
  • Shaft clamping in the lower part, where the torque moment is
  • Centering disc creates the lifting action for the machining spindle
  • Chip collection by magnetic filtration unit
  • Finished parts are ejected free of chips
  • Machine can run wet or dry – with or without coolant

Download (PDF 440 KB)
Automatic Pointer SKM