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Hilgeland, Kiserling, Nutap
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Cold Former H Brand Kieserling

The Cold Formers H Brand Kieserling with 5 or 6 forming stations are developed for the production of high precision complex shapes in smalll to medium diameters.


  • High profitability: We unveil a new saving potential by means of reduced set-up times
  • Absolute accuracy using a guidance of the almost clearance-free slide
  • Modified reinforced technology in a new designOption for saving potential: Transfer with electrical adjustment of cams
  • Synchronized punch-side ejector
  • Die and punch holder kits are interchangeable with unmatched repeated accuracy and without restriction
  • Placement gripper after last forming station
  • Blank stopper for extremely short or top heavy parts
  • Option of tool adjustment fixture for increased flexibility and reduced investment costs
  • Additional option of a trimming function
  • Optional monitoring of the feed length for linear in-feed

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Cold Former H Type Kieserling

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