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Hilgeland, Kiserling, Nutap
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Forming Center SMR Brand WAFIOS

Packing a complete production line into just 1.5  square metres
The Forming Center SMR is designed for the production of very small parts like screws or bolts from wire coil. The SMR combines the characteristics of a multi-stage former, a machining center and a roller unit.

  • Unique concept because of the combination of cold forming and secondary operations without re-feeding of the small parts (fully automatic process)
  • No washing operation between cold forming and thread rolling
  • Hydrostatic bedded rotor with 8 dies for maximum precision
  • Programmable charging system for unmanned operation over a whole shift
  • Heated machine body allows maximum process accuracy and displaces the warm-up period
  • Modular contruction increases the production flexibility

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Forming Center SMR