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Thread Rolling Dies
Type Hilgeland

Threads for Winners

Umformtechnik through HILGELAND is among the market leaders. What is the secret of success, why do customers prefer to use HILGELAND dies? It is the sum of advantages that eventually counts. Companies that use HILGELAND thread-rolling dies benefit from low system costs as well as from an increased competitive capacity. The reason: HILGELAND thread-rolling dies are made with the highest precision for long tool life and a program variety with which almost any thread and profile can be produced from a multitude of materials. 

  • Wide variety of quality dies for flat die rolling of threads and special profiles
  • Special dies can be manufactured to your specifications
  • Thread rolling dies (TR, GW, WFF) available at short notice
  • Constantly optimized production processes (WAFIOS Umformtechnik is EJOT licence holder)
  • Thread-rolling dies made for metric threads, UN, BBS as well as for threads with a round or trilobular cross section
  • Symmetrical and asymmetrical threads are possible for welding, dowel, T-head screws or furniture fittings, for example
  • HSS steels and powder-metallurgical steels for thread rolling dies in order to meet specific requirements