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Thread Roller Brand EWMENN

The Thread Roller Brand EWMenn are known for high productivity and reliability. Both types are used in the screw industry in work cells or as a stand alone machine.

Standard Equiqment

  • Centralized height adjustment of the feed rails and feeder console
  • Frequency controlled drive
  • Electronically controlled feedfinger retraction system
  • No change of feed rail end pieces is required when blank diameter is changed
  • Renowned EWMenn spare parts and after sale service

Examples for Optional Equipment

  • Motorized height adjustment of the feed rails and feeder console
  • Hydraulic die carrier clamping for precise and repeatable adjustment without tools
  • Pushbutton die match adjustment for the ultimate in precision and product quality together with improved die life and reduced overall tool costs
  • Sound enclosure to enhance the factory environment

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Thread Roller Brand EWMENN

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