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The New, Innovative WAFIOS Parts Output

PTS in the HC 4

WAFIOS Umformtechnik is revolutionizing the output of finished parts from the machine. The new PTS takes the finished parts directly at the die and then guides them through a pipe system out of the machine to the desired location. Good and bad parts are carefully separated by a sorting gate.

This effectively avoids the mixing of parts when changing products. These advantages convince users:

  • Output of position-oriented parts - perfect for further processing.
  • Avoiding oil carry-over:

    • Parts come out of the machine virtually oil-free.
    • This often means: No need to wash parts before further processing.

  • Saving of conveyor belts and related equipment is possible.

    • Thereby: The space saved can be put to other practical uses.

  • A clean machine environment.
  • A linked system with the next process can be positioned more flexibly.

Another plus point:

The PTS not only extracts the parts, but also the oil mist from the press area. Due to the significantly reduced extraction volumes of the PTS, in most cases, oil mist extraction systems can be designed correspondingly smaller.

Not only new HC 4 rotor press type machines can be equipped with this innovative system, but the new PTS can also be retrofitted on existing machines in order to benefit from the advantages in existing production setups as well.

WAFIOS Umformtechnik is currently examining the possibility of fitting or retrofitting the PTS also to other machine types.